LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Parents in need of afternoon care for their child can utilize the Safekey program as it’s offered at different schools across the Las Vegas valley.

On Monday, 8 News Now spoke to Deziree Iverson a parent, who enrolled her child in the program at Dondero Elementary School but came to find out, that just three days before school started it was canceled.

“I’m like scrambling around, recruiting family members, seeing when they are off, trying to see if they can take them. If they can pick them up,” she explained. “I did contact the administration, and she said it was because the cafeteria building is a stand-alone building. They’re saying that Safekey didn’t want to walk all the way to open the gate every time a parent came to pick up a kid or drop a kid off.”

The program was available at the school last year, but this year the change has caused Iverson to quickly search for another option. Iverson believes the program is still needed.

“Now it’s like, you know sacrificing the child’s education because a lot of parents have to work and they are not able to bring their kids to school and it’s a whole scramble of trying to figure it out,” she added.