As people across the valley gear up for Fourth of July fun, fire officials want to remind everyone to take a few safety precautions while celebrating.

All fireworks are not created equal. It’s only legal to use “Safe and Sane” fireworks in the city of Las Vegas from June 28 to 11:59 p.m. on July 4.

“Safe and Sane” fireworks will go on sale across Clark County on Monday, July 1 and are illegal to use after 11:59 p.m. on July 4.

Michael McNeill and Diane Pham are just a few of many people across the valley stopping at firework stands to gear up for some holiday fun.

“It’s just a great thing to gather around on Fourth of July,” McNeill said. “Have a few beers, have some good food and just light some fireworks off.”

Before anyone lights those flashing fountains, experts told 8 News Now it’s crucial to keep a few things in mind.

“Just you know use your head,” Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Fire Inspector Scott Thompson advised. “And then be ready for something in case it does happen.”

Any firework that explodes or flies high into the sky is illegal. City officials have changed the conditions of their “You Light it, We Write it” campaign this year.

Anyone caught with an illegal device will face a $250 fine. Any offense after that will cost $500 and higher.

It’s also imperative to consider anyone affected by the 1 October shooting, as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder could be triggered by loud, popping fireworks, according to health officials.

“A lot of people describe that it kind of puts them back where they were,” Vegas Strong Resiliency Center Director Tennille Pereira said. “So you can imagine how terrified they can feel, how anxious and scared they can feel, so it can be really stressful.”

No matter how much fun anyone has this holiday, remember fireworks mean literally playing with fire, so people should be prepared to take that risk.

“If you don’t want your hand blown off,” McNeill said. “Stay with the Safe and Sane ones.”

“No one is having fun if someone gets hurt,” Diane Pham added.

Residents can report illegal fireworks being used in the valley.

Clark County First Responders are asking people not to call 911 or 311 to report illegal fireworks, unless it’s an emergency or someone is hurt.