LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– We are only a handful of days away until Christmas and many shoppers are scrambling to get everything on their list. Some items may be harder to find but retailers are doing their best to get your business.

“I still need to do more shopping because I am traveling. I am bringing gifts. I will probably do some more shopping,” Lorena Tippetts, a shopper said.

The holiday race is on to find the perfect gifts whether it’s fashion, home goods, or tech gadgets.

Retailers at the Las Vegas outlets pulled out all the stops to get customers inside the stores after a rocky season last year because of the pandemic.

“I like to see what I’m getting and I like to have it. I don’t like to wait to get here,” Stephanie Morfin, another shopper said.

Some people believe that online shopping is more convenient because of the delivery options.

“I think online is better because they have prime shipping and they have diversity. I don’t think you can find everything in the stores and you have a lot of options online,” Tippetts added.

This Saturday – also known as super Saturday is the last weekend before Christmas.

The national retail federation predicts that day more than 148 million consumers plan to shop online and in-store.

The last-minute rush is not for everyone.

“I hate the rush at the very end so by thanksgiving I am usually done,” Marlene Wilson, a tourist said.

As a last resort, Amazon has those last-minute shopping deals for prime members. They can buy until Dec. 24 to order items and still get them under the tree for Christmas.