LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada wants riders to be safe while on board and acknowledged that more needs to be done to ensure proper security while riding.

With incident numbers on the rise, the RTC said it is making major strides to protect its drivers and passengers with the help of a budget increase this year.

The downtown Las Vegas location is one of the busiest bus stops in the valley and with a large number of passengers, there are some problems as a result RTC leaders are putting new security measures in place.

The increase in budget has allowed for more security on buses, with over 200 active officers, compared to the initial 185 officers. With more security, RTC has reported violent acts on drivers, which are down by 18%.

With plexiglass, enclosures added, due to the pandemic, the RTC has found that having those barriers up continuously has helped deter driver assault.

But as for passenger safety, there’s a lot more work that needs to be done, according to Francis Julien deputy chief executive officer with RTC.

“The number of assaults went up by more than 20%, We are back to about 80% of our pre-covid numbers in terms of ridership,” he said.

However, passengers who take the bus daily said that they are fully aware of some behavior troubles that can be on the buses. They told 8 News Now they do feel secure in their day-to-day rides.

“It’s normal, you see fights and most of the time it’s not with the bus drivers but people among themselves like somebody bumped them on accident?” Holly Davis a bus rider expressed.

“You gotta keep your eyes open all the time,” Anthony Leone a bus rider told 8 News Now. “Never initiate a conversation or stare at anybody.”

As for which buses get security officers on board, that all depends on data and where most incidents have occurred.

Passengers can use the Transit Watch app to report any safety concerns.
The RTC will communicate with passengers in real-time to help with the situation.