LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The recent COVID surge is taking a toll on many local businesses. The Regional Transportation Commission isn’t immune as it struggles with a shortage of bus drivers.

RTC leaders are apologizing to passengers in advance for these delays. Unfortunately, RTC says these shortages aren’t specific to certain routes as they struggle with how many drivers are available for the day.

College student Nyla Marquez already leaves her home two hours early to take two RTC buses to school.

With the recent delays, she’s worried about not making it to class on time.

“I wish they would have a better scheduling time I guess, and that they had more buses to fix the delayed buses, because it just feels like they’re relying on one bus for one stop,” Marquez said.

RTC Deputy CEO Francis Julien says a rise in omicron COVID cases is responsible for its

labor shortage.

Julien says RTC is working on short term mitigation strategies and service changes to address these issues. In the meantime, Julien asks passengers to be patient, respectful and courteous to drivers as they’re pulling extra shifts.

“We have between 50 and 80 operators that are out either because they’re quarantined out of caution or because they contracted COVID. So, it is challenging,” Julien said. “Once again, it is a fluid situation where we’re seeing disruption in between 3 and 6 percent on a day-to-day basis.”

The RTC has posted open positions on its website for drivers and mechanics.

“Obviously, our contractors are working very hard to hire new drivers so if any viewers want to have a change in career, you can go to our website at There’s a career section, where you can apply to be a bus driver or mechanic,” Julien said.

You can also use the RTC app to track live bus wait times delays.