LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Starting Monday some Clark County School District students will catch a ride to school with RTC instead of a traditional bus. The “Ride On” program is a new way CCSD is working to get students to school on time amind an ongoing shortage of school bus drivers.

Hundreds of driver vacancies and chronically late buses have created major issues for many families this school year.

The new program will impact around 4,000 students across 47 routes, serving 15 high schools. It will redirect resources to other bus routes.

Schools that were selected have RTC bus stops close by and buses running every 15 to 30 minutes. Student eligibility is based on the frequency of nearby bus routes, proximity to a students’ home, and in areas where CCSD transportation is not available.

“If they do miss a bus, they’ll have an opportunity for the next one within a short period of time,” said CCSD chief operating officer Mike Casey.

Students like Michael Plummer of Spring Valley High School said the partnership will give him more flexibility.

“I’ve missed the bus multiple times,” said Plummer. “It happens you’re running late one day, but like they said the buses are five to ten minutes every time. So I’m still here with 10 minutes to spare to still get to class.”

All RTC buses are equipped with 12 cameras that have a live-look feature for law enforcement and some have security guards on them. RTC buses are also designated “safe places” for minors.

Families can use the Ride RTC app to report anything suspicious and to check scheduling.

“It will tell you if your bus is looking like it’s crowded, said Plummer. “If you’re not comfortable with that, you can wait for the next bus and let it pass you by. There’s lots of flexibility on that and your choice of what you want to do.”

There are several Google Meet sessions for families this week.