LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— According to the Regional Transportation Commission’s (RTC) website, rideshare outside of the strip is down 29 percent from before the pandemic. This is due in part to a driver shortage.

On-time performance is also at its lowest since before the pandemic.
On RTC’s website, they say “scheduled times are approximate and may vary due to unusual traffic conditions or other significant disruptions along the route.”

Edith Garcia, a local commuter says, she believes some people are choosing not to take public transportation because of inconsistent bus times… But she says she hasn’t had a problem.
“There are very few times where they’ve been late. But mostly they are on time. And I really only use the busses in the morning.” However, recently, many RTC routes have been changed or cut due to driver shortages. “They say after 10:00, sometimes the busses are late because of the shortage of drivers.”

RTC asks commuters to plan accordingly.