LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A fleet of 10 Starship Grubhub robots has joined the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Dining Services team to help expand food deliveries on campus.

Students can use their phones to order food with their dining dollars and within 15 minutes they can expect one of the robots to show up outside their door or classroom as long as their address is on campus grounds.

The robots launched this past October and so far, the robots have traversed a total of 550 miles. With an average delivery distance of about a half mile. 

As for safety, the robots have a satellite connection to the company behind them, Starship Technologies, where a human does monitor the robot and its cameras in case something goes wrong.

UNLV is hoping to expand the use of these robots to its 3,000 students that live in off-campus housing and a new state law could make that happen. SB422 would allow these robots to operate across Maryland Parkway and Tropicana Avenue.

The bill passed the Senate and is awaiting a vote in the House.