Rising temperatures increase risk of tragedies in hot cars

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the temperatures in the Las Vegas valley rise, so do the chances for tragedies to happen in cars if children or pets are left in vehicles.

It only takes a matter of minutes for the temperature inside of a car to become lethal, especially for a child.

Children, pets, and the elderly should never be left alone in the car. Las Vegas Fire & Rescue says people need to remember we live in one of the hottest cities in the United States. They want to drive home that message, especially if there are newcomers to the area.

“Sometimes people have the misconception that if you have tinted windows it will act like the shade and make the interior of the car cooler and actually that is incorrect. It’s just the opposite. It makes the interior of the car hotter,” said Tim Szymanski, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.

A car basically functions like a greenhouse. The dark glass will heat up really fast and it will transmit that heat to the inside of the car.

The vast majority of cases involving children left in hot cars are accidental. People are advised to check the car before locking the doors, and putting something like a phone or purse next to your child so you don’t forget.


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