Riders say they feel safe, despite recent incident on RTC bus

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro police are still hoping the public can help track down the man, seen violently punching another man on an RTC bus last month, causing him to lose an eye. RTC security cameras captured the footage, but that’s not the only safety measure our buses have.

8 News Now talked to bus riders who say they feel safe, thanks to these surveillance cameras.

“It just sucks that there are people like that,” said Michael Trahan, who takes the bus. “They [the cameras] make me feel a little more secure with the ride, knowing others may question if they’re going to do something negative.”

The RTC says there are multiple surveillance cameras in and around their buses. Police can take a live look inside, which can help them fight crime.

The camera footage is saved to a hard drive, which is the property of a contractor that works with the RTC. When something like this happens, the contractor gives police the video before it gets erased.

“The contractor has got 7 to 10 days to get that video off the bus,” said Carl Scarbrough — Director of Technical Equipment and Transit Amenities at RTC. “That’s what is really new in the past couple of years.”

Thanks to a federal grant, RTC will soon have more updated technology.

“One of the upgrades we’re looking at is giving the contractors the ability to download the video while the bus is out on the road, in an emergency,” Scarbrough said.

The RTC also has about 40 security officers on certain routes.

“We can’t be on every bus, but we can move around and target where we think there’s high crime,” Scarbrough added.

Riders tell 8 News Now, these extra efforts make them feel relaxed.

“I don’t really question my safety,” Trahan said.

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