Retired corrections officer refuses to let injuries block Halloween tradition

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Every year homes across the Las Vegas valley are transformed into haunted houses as the Halloween spirit haunts Las Vegas. In the far Northwest part of the Valley, a Senior Corrections Officer transforms his home every year, despite suffering injuries that caused him to retire. 

From the outside, Dan Tedesco’s home looks spirited, but not out of the ordinary for this time of year. There are ghosts hanging from trees, an inflatable Halloween design, and a gargoyle that greets visitors at the door. But, it’s what’s inside Tedesco’s home that shows off all of his hard work.

For more than 10 years, Tedesco has been turning his house into a Halloween horror. But, recently that’s been difficult. Tedesco, a Senior Corrections Officer, was medically retired after he was hurt working at the prison.  Now his mobility is limited, but Tedesco isn’t letting his injuries get in the way of his Halloween spirit.

Tedesco has got it down to a science. He starts unpacking boxes in May, plans the setup for the year, and it turns into a family affair. Everyone has something to do. 

Tedesco has loved Halloween since he was a kid and says he loves bringing that same spirit out in everyone around him.

“My favorite part of decorating the house like this is to get everyone saying, ‘Oh my God. I love Halloween too,'” Tedesco shared. “To bring out whatever it is inside people. I think it’s everybody.”

“When people come over, and they have that reaction to it, that’s when it gets me,” continued Tedesco. “I just feel like I accomplished something.”

Tedesco’s holiday spirit doesn’t end there. He says Christmas is next.

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