LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A survey commissioned by the Clark County School Board of Trustees revealed that an overwhelming number of employees have a negative view of the board.

The company Public Consulting Group LLC presented the results of the climate survey to the board of trustees on Wednesday during a work session.

There were nearly 12,000 responses, covering several topics.

Only 24 percent of staff at CCSD say the board is having a positive impact on schools and student outcomes, and 20 percent say the board is making effective decisions.

According to the survey, of the seven regular board meetings held in the fall of 2021 from August to December, none discussed student outcomes.

“It is my hope and my aspiration, I know the superintendent is also supportive of this, that we continue conducting some level of assessment on an annual basis like this, so that we can see our progress,” School Board President Evelyn Garcia Morales said at Wednesday’s meeting.

The staff survey had a more favorable view of the current board of trustees. In January, two new members were sworn in and a new board president was selected.

Here’s a copy of the survey results.