LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As COVID-19 cases surge across Las Vegas, restaurant owners shared the struggles they face Wednesday amid an already severe staff shortage. 

“It’s been very challenging,” Angelo Reyes, owner of Tres Cazuelas told 8 News Now. 

Reyes said his business, located on Spring Mountain Road near Valley View Boulevard, has had to cut its daily hours in half due to a lack of staff; the latest hurdle amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We can not have our full staff working,” Reyes explained. “Just because of the fact that everyone is getting sick.”

Tres Cazuelas Restaurant

John Alena, who co-owns Metro Pizza, is also feeling the effects, as he told 8 News Now all store locations are closing an extra day per week for the first time in over forty years to give employees a break. 

“The staff is just tired,” Alena said. “I think everything from the strip to local restaurants like ours, are feeling the shift.”

They both said these kinds of cutbacks are an unfortunate result of chronic labor shortages. 

A recent survey conducted by Square Financial Services showed 21% of U.S. restaurant positions remain unfilled as we start 2022. 

This, coupled with a recent surge in COVID-19 cases really creates a one-two punch for business owners. 
“There’s not enough staff for us to be able to keep any more hours open,” Reyes said. 

Alena said it’s anything but ideal, but he’s doing his best to adapt every day. 
“We have to be stewards of our community,” he said. “And stewards of our team.”

He and Reyes both believe valley businesses and community members will get through this together.