LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Homelessness is seen in certain parts of the Las Vegas valley, but more and more people are complaining that encampments are now popping up in their neighborhoods.

8 News Now received a complaint from a viewer about an area near Nellis Boulevard and Vegas Valley that said the problem has gotten so bad that they have called the police and the county, but have not seen anything done.

“You have to be vigilant and self-aware of what is going on just because there are a lot of homeless people that suffer from mental illness and drug addiction,” longtime Stonegate resident, Glenn Diamond said.

Diamond recalls the environment in the Stonegate community on the east side of town. He has lived there for many years but nowadays does not walk anywhere without his wooden stick.

“I keep this stick as another reason not to bother me,” Diamond shared.

It is used as protection while walking his dog as he said the neighborhood has become a dumping ground filled with unhoused people and trash and he does not feel safe anymore.

“You want to be safe where you step because there are a lot of broken bottles and human feces and urine,” he added. “It’s very unpleasant and heartbreaking to see people down on their luck.”

Residents voice concerns after an uptick in homeless encampments in Stonegate Community (Credit: KLAS)

Diamond’s fellow neighbor Jennifer Bennett said she and her husband, who just paid off their home, have considered moving because of how bad the conditions are.

“I don’t even feel safe going outside at night in my backyard,” Bennett said.

Bennett recalled a time when an unhoused man jumped over her wall in an attempt to steal her property. She said she has called Metro police and county officials but said it has not helped the problem.

“This is an HOA-controlled neighborhood and I called 211 to see if they could help, but then told they can’t make them leave, ” Bennett said. “It’s unsafe here and you don’t even feel safe walking your dog.”

8 News Now reached out to District E County Commissioner Tick Segerblom who shared that he will take action once he receives a complaint and will follow up with the county offices when they reopen on Monday.

8 News now also reached out to the Stonegate Property Management Company and Taylor Association Management but has yet to hear back.