LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents at a southeast Las Vegas valley apartment complex say they don’t feel safe living there, claiming management is not working as hard as they should to fix issues.

The residents at Bella Estates near Twain Avenue and Nellis Boulevard claim there is still damage from the flooding earlier this month.

“My children lost everything,” resident Melissa Sparling said.
Sparling shared a video with 8 News Now that shows her ceiling leaking right before her family was evacuated.

“We had the entire fire department swarming our apartment telling me to get my kids and run because the whole structure was collapsing,” Sparling said.

Advanced Management Group is the property management team for Bella Estates. AMG put Sparling’s family at their sister property while her apartment was getting repaired.

“We were under the impression that our apartment was going to be done properly,” Sparling said.

Sparling said a few days later she received a notice saying she could move back in, but when she went to check her place out, she found damaged ceilings and black mold.

Sparling shared a video of her husband asking maintenance about the mold, in Spanish one of the workers said “I understand we are painting it.”

“I felt like my family doesn’t matter to them,” Sparling said.

While 8 News Now was at Bella Estates, several other residents echoed the same concerns.

“It smells like there is mold in it,” said a resident who wished to stay anonymous.

Shortly after, resident Keye McNair approached saying not only was she worried about mildew, but also had pictures of a giant hole in her ceiling from the rain.

“It is smelling like mildew,” McNair said. “Fix this, help the tenants when they need help.”

Early Thursday morning, 8 News Now sent AMG an email and then went to the leasing office. The leasing office claimed they did not receive an email.

When asked if mold has been an issue, and if there have been any complaints about it, the person at the leasing office did not want to comment and said to contact the corporate office.
They gave 8 News Now the same email address.

In Nevada mold is a non-essential issue, but it is something landlords are supposed to fix.

The Southern Nevada Health District states landlords have 14 days to fix the issues, if they don’t a tenant can start legal proceedings.