LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s a busy time of year for local resorts in southern Nevada, such as Lee Canyon.

With the latest winter storm, Jim Seely Lee Canyon’s marketing director told 8 News Now there’s plenty of work to do as they prepare for the season including prepping the facilities, the equipment, and hiring seasonal staff.

Lee Canyon snowfall (KLAS)

“Just by looking at the ground and me eyeballing it, maybe we’ve received one inch less than two inches since this morning or so,” explained Seely. “Looking at the forecast looks like this afternoon we can start to see a couple of inches per hour that’s going to happen. By the end of the snowfall, possibly around 20 to 21 inches as the storm goes so, we’re really excited.”

Snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts hope this will off the start of an early season to hit the slopes, like Brandon Davis.

“We’d like to see a little bit more snow coming in December but unfortunately we don’t get that,” added Davis.

He has been skiing since 2019 and takes five to 10 trips with his family during the winter season.

“I just saw that Brian Head opened up last weekend. They got a good amount of snow that came down, so I think it was historical like they were the first resort to open that early which is amazing so hopefully, we get more snow in the month of December and we’ll be able to go a lot more,” added Davis. “Typically seems like January through March are your ideal months.”

Hayim Mizrachi an avid snowboarder and a Las Vegas local agrees. He told 8 News Now he tries to get a few runs in any chance he gets.

“Having a family, we have to plan around a lot of schedules and what we like to do is get a couple of families like three families together and make sure we get two trips in for the season,” said Mizrachi.

Seely added that early December is the resort’s target date to open and hopes for more snowfall.

“A couple feet of snow surprisingly isn’t enough to open the ski area, but again there’s a lot of factors involved like moisture content and if it’s going to get warm again or not,” said Seely.