The City of North Las Vegas has issued a statement in response to Richard’s claims.

“In the last seven years, Code Enforcement has received no complaints for litter, junk, trash or overgrown weeds on the privately owned vacant lots on the north side of Miller Avenue. Nor has Public Works received any requests from residents in the area to consider putting a sidewalk on the north side of Miller Avenue. Had there been a request, staff would have discussed how the city’s development code requires sidewalks to be put in and funded by the private property owner when a parcel of land is developed.

Code Enforcement’s primary focus is improving and maintaining the quality of life for residents by abating public nuisances. Staff looks into and follows up on every single complaint they receive and are very responsive to resident concerns.

Residents can request Code Enforcement services and report infractions at 702-633-1677 on Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. or submit a request at any time online at”

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A North Las Vegas neighborhood near Carey and Engelstad is where residents said they would like to see improvement.

Carrie Richard first bought her house back in the 1960s. She keeps her home well-maintained by cutting the grass and trees.

Richard said she reached out to the city of North Las Vegas to see if they could do the same.

“All I’m asking is we do something with the neighborhood, which you can see is not kept and I never get a callback,” Richard explained. “Code enforcement, I’ve probably called them about 5 or 6 times, and they haven’t done anything. I think we have to go further with this.”

“I said we need a sidewalk. If we’re not going to get a sidewalk, please enlarge the street.”

The lot in front of Richard’s home is owned by several different property owners. A spokesperson for the city of North Las Vegas said sidewalks are determined by the property owner when the parcel of land is developed.

Judy Clark has grown up in this area and bought her house in 1998. Clark said that four years ago, she reached out to Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown for help when she was still a North Las Vegas council member.

“She did tell me it was not in the budget at the time to beautify the neighborhood. I said well when will it be in the budget?” Clark explained. “She said she didn’t know, and I think I talked to her one more time. I talked with her twice and it’s not in the budget.”

Richard said her mission is to raise awareness about what could be done to revamp her neighborhood in the community where she lives and loves.

“We’ve been left behind. I don’t feel it’s fair to me as a homeowner since 1967, this is 2023,” Richard said. “I should have some kind of update in my neighborhood because I’m trying to keep it up.”

8 News Now did reach out to the city of North Las Vegas. Residents are advised to reach out to code enforcement again to see if and when their concerns will be addressed.