LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Distant wildfires in California and a northwest flow are bringing smoky and hazy skies to Southern Nevada, changing many residents’ weekend plans.

The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability issued an alert for smoke and ozone for Saturday due to the unhealthy air quality from the wildfire smoke, and have extended it through Sunday.

Due to the low visibility and local officials’ recommendations to stay indoors this weekend, not too many people were out at Sunset Park on Saturday.

Those that were expressed their thoughts on the smoky skies that were seen all across the valley.

Some people playing disc golf at the park said today’s game wasn’t an easy one, especially for those wearing face coverings.

“It is definitely tougher to wear a mask today, with the humidity, it makes it extremely hard for me to breathe,” said Las Vegas resident Aimee O’Neal.

“It caused a bit of delay, people were a little slower,” said Las Vegas resident Sam Coakley.

Visibility did appear to clear a bit as the day went on, however, Southern Nevadans should still expect smoky conditions all through the weekend.