LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– It’s been more than a year since the Mount Charleston Lodge burned down.

It was a home away from home for valley locals and hikers.

So, when the announcement of a new lodge was in the works, many residents were eager to see what would become of the historic site, like Bo Boka.

“We’re all excited for a new lodge to be built, it’ll fill a hole that happened when the lodge burnt down,” Boka said.

Boka attended the Mount Charleston Town Advisory Board meeting on Dec. 1 and said there was some pushback from Old Town residents about the possibility of a new hotel going up with the lodge.

“The only concern a lot of us have is that they want to put a hotel in, which would bring in a lot of foot traffic and we have water issues and ecological impacts that may come from that,” explained Boka. “They said maybe it’d be about 32 to 34 rooms and we had a meeting down at the library and a community meeting and they wanted to get some feedback and a bunch of us in the community are very opposed to the hotel but are very excited about the rebuilding of the lodge.”

Ashley Ryan agreed with Boka. She moved to Mount Charleston two years ago.

“So, I think there are concerns from the residents just for many reasons, light pollution being one of them, extra traffic on an already notoriously dangerous road, especially during the wintertime,” Ryan said. “There are a lot of animals and I think a lot of folks don’t know to walk up to the horses and things like that.”

While Boka understands the long development project ahead, she hopes residents’ concerns will be considered.

“Of course, this is residential and they don’t have the permits for that and it’s likely they won’t get it,” Boka added. “I know it’ll be a big fight from the residents if they try to do that, but we’re very supportive of the lodge.”

8 News Now reached out to the owners of the Mt. Charleston Lodge, The Ellis family. The Mt. Charleston team was unavailable for interviews but did send a statement.

“For the past year, we have been working on our plans to re-establish the Mt. Charleston Lodge. This past week we shared our vision including conceptual plans and renderings with the Mt. Charleston community. We are at the initial stages of this process, and we look forward to working with the community and Clark County to re-establish the Mt. Charleston Lodge,” said Christina Ellis, Ellis Island vice president of Development.