LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The damage that monsoon season brings can be unpredictable, but seeing what is left from the July storms shows us just how strong mother nature can be. 

8 News Now walked around the Lake Sahara apartments and saw that work is still being done to clear out the damage. 

“I think I counted eight trees that were down on the property,” said resident William Salazar. 

Salazar lives in the Lake Sahara apartments. He said he was one of 16 families that had to be evacuated after a tree fell onto his building. 

“After leaving here we went to Motel 6 for a couple of nights then a co-worker let us come over to his house,” Salazar said. 

Salazar said he didn’t know when he would be allowed to live in his apartment again but returned to empty his fridge since the power was turned off. 

“In all, we have lost $2,000 just taking care of business and taking care of everybody,” he said.

As monsoon season continues in the valley, Salazar said living on the top floor has become a worry for him. 

“There has been no end to the stress, it is just one blow after another, taking it day by day,” Salazar said. 

On Tuesday night, 8 News Now received an update from Salazar. He said the power finally came back on in his apartment, nearly two weeks since it was shut off. 

8 News Now is still waiting to hear back from the apartment complex to see how many residents are still waiting to return to their homes.