LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents in an east valley neighborhood shared their frustrations over a growing number of unhoused people in the area.

Joseph Espina described the problem at Joe Shoong Park, which is across the street from his home and just feet away from his daughter’s elementary school.

“My daughter goes to Snyder, which is the school right behind the park, and we walk to and from the park. We see it every morning and every afternoon,” Espina said.

A fence is the only barrier separating the park from the school.

“It’s disturbing in a way that I wish there was another answer for where they can go,” Espina said. “Parks and Recreation have to call the police prior to them cleaning because it’s like a board meeting that they have over there by the shower and picnic area.”

From overnight crime to people using drugs, bathing in the splash pad, and invading residential property, Espina said it is getting out of hand.

“Two times somebody was sleeping on my porch,” he said.

Other residents in the area also agree with Espina.

“I’m moving because there are too many homeless, you see people living in their cars,” Enrique Montes said. “You used to see families BBQing and now you don’t see that anymore, because they are everywhere.”

The county is working on housing efforts with its Navigation Center in the east Las Vegas valley.