Residents near Bonanza and Maryland Parkway react to deadly road rage shooting

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Residents near Bonanza and Maryland Parkway react to deadly road rage shooting

Residents in a neighborhood near E. Bonanza Road and N. Maryland Parkway were shocked Tuesday to learn that a man was killed during a road rage incident Monday night.

Metro homicide detectives said the shooting happened in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven located at 1101 E. Bonanza Road. 

“Well, I’ve been to that 7-Eleven every day and never had a problem with that 7-Eleven,” said Sabrina Freeman, Las Vegas resident. “No harassment no nothing like that.” 

According to police, the driver of a yellow car was going south on Maryland Parkway, when the driver and two pedestrians got into an argument because the pedestrians were jay-walking. The driver pulled into the 7-Eleven parking lot to confront the pedestrians and a fist fight broke out, Metro said.

Police said one of the pedestrians pulled out a gun and shot the driver. 

Pulling and following somebody can lead to a tragic incident just like we are out here discussing so the best thing is to take a deep breath and just continue about your day,” said Lt. Ray Spencer with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Both pedestrians fled the scene on foot. 

The driver was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“Where I live down the block away — there are quite a bit of car theft; lots of cars go missing get broken into but you don’t really see too much gang graffiti around here, so I don’t think the gang activity is too thick over here,” resident Jason Foley said.

Residents are just surprised that the driver didn’t just keep going.

“The population is increasing so there’s a lot of cars, more traffic, more people, more problems, more construction, so people just give themselves 10 more minutes a day to get to where they go they won’t be so stressed out and angry,”  Foley said.

“Be careful and try to avoid confrontation because people have issues and you never know what’s on another person’s mind so just try to ignore it the best you can,” Freeman said.

Metro Police are still looking for the suspects. 

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