UPDATE: The Henderson Planning Commission approved the project and will move forward with the builders plans.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There will be a decision Thursday night on whether a new house of worship will be approved in a Henderson neighborhood, and some residents aren’t too happy about it. 

If plans move forward, it will be built on the southeast corner of Kiel and Berlin. 

We are talking about a Hindu temple being built in rural Henderson, a place for Hindus to pray, but it will be open to anyone who wants to visit. 

Some residents said it’s not the idea of the temple that’s an issue, they just don’t want it in their backyard. 

The five-acre land sits in the middle of a rural preservation area in Henderson, an area with hundreds of ranch-style homes secluded from the business of Las Vegas.  

Some residents said a new temple called Anand Utsav Mandir could change that. 

“When I walk out of my door, there will be a huge temple in my face,” said resident Shari Warren.  

Warren said she doesn’t want the temple being built, fearing it will take away from the rural feel of her neighborhood. 

“We have churches on the outskirts of our area which is fine they are beautiful but they are in the outskirts,” Warren said.  

Documents show the Hindu temple proposed by Las Vegas resident Baba Anal wants to develop the site into a temple with accommodations for about 20 visitors at a time. 

“I don’t know that I’ve seen a lot of Hindu or Indian people,” Warren added.  

“Obviously I’m very excited, said Hindu resident Garima Bardwaj. “We live in a very diverse world.” 

Bardwaj is Hindu and practices her religion frequently.  

“Right now the only option we have is Summerlin and that is a bit far away because I have kids.”  

She understood why some residents are hesitant, but hopes if plans with the temple move forward they will give it a chance.  

“Maybe they will get the opportunity to experience it.” 

Earlier in the year, there were concerns from residents about the height of the dome for the temple it has since been changed from 47 feet to 35 feet. 

The other two Hindu temples in town are located in Summerlin and near Silverado Ranch.