LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents who live near the North Las Vegas Airport tell 8 News Now one of their worst fears came true over the weekend when two planes collided killing four people on board.

The North Las Vegas Airport is home to many private planes and aviation enthusiasts.

There are also many flight schools surrounding the airport, making for a busy airport for incoming and outbound flights.

Residents voiced concerns one day after two planes collided in North Las Vegas.

Dandino Garcia is one of many residents who lives nearby and described his concerns to 8 News Now’s Victoria Saha.

Victoria Saha: “What do you think when you see a plane so close to our house?”

Dandino Garcia: “Hopefull it doesn’t crash in here.”

Willie Endsley also lives nearby and described just how close planes often fly by.

“They come almost directly over my apartment maybe hundred feet or hundred yards,” he said.

8 News Now uncovered the registration for two planes involved in the crash on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Aviation Safety network the Cessna Skyhawk is registered to Binner Enterprises LLC, which is registered in Henderson.

The piper plane that had been traveling from Idaho is owned by Gold Aero Aviation which is registered in Las Vegas and has a Florida address.

8 News Now contacted both companies and at the time of the story deadline had yet to hear back.