LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Residents at Rochelle Pines Senior Living Facility were given 90 days starting Aug 1 to move out due to renovations.

The State Board of Finance approved a request to use $14 million in bonds to renovate the senior apartments, but many residents fear they are being pushed out.

“It’s 17 years for so many of us living here, we have no other place, and we are at the age where just moping the floor is an effort,” said one of the residents.

While the complex needs a revamp, many are stating that it hasn’t been updated since it opened 17 years ago. However, residents feel as if the way they are going about it is wrong, and 58 people have been forced to move out by Oct 31.

Residents have said that the facility won’t be clear with them when it comes to who is moving them and where they will be relocated. Many also stated that they were told they would have to pay more at their new location and even pay for the movers themselves.

However, ‘Nevada Hand,’ the company that owns ‘Rochelle Pines’ said all of this is untrue.

“No resident will be required to pay more rent as part of any relocation effort and Nevada Hand is covering all packing, moving and utility connection fees,” said a spokesperson for the company.

As for relocating after the renovations are complete, Nevada Help shared that they cannot guarantee every resident will get the same unit once moving back.

Nevada Hand owns 35 communities across the valley with Rochelle Pines having 115 units at their property.