LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Tenants at Bella Estates say they desperately need help. 

8 News Now first reported on the mold and structural problems residents are dealing with on Sept. 28. Since then, several other residents have reached out sharing similar stories. 

“My bedroom is completely covered in mold. My closet, everything,” Anisa Vera said. 

Vera and her four kids are now crammed into her living room. 

“The smell is horrible I don’t even have my doors open,” Vera said. 

When 8 News Now asked Vera how she is able to sleep at night, she said, “I’m up watching my kids, making sure they are breathing.” 

However, it was Vera who was not able to breathe. She was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago. 

“I collapsed,” she said.  The discharge papers showed her diagnosis was mold exposure. 

We asked Vera if she brought the papers to the leasing office. She was told they “don’t need it.” 

Vera tells 8 News Now that no one from maintenance has come by to fix the problem. 

8 News Now reached out to the landlords on Thursday when we first reported on the apartment complex. 

Julia Furrule, the vice president of operations for Advanced Management Group (AMG), sent us an email saying, in part, “We aim to fully resolve any outstanding maintenance items as our continued commitment to quality service and satisfaction of our residents.”

However, residents said the response has been far from satisfactory. 

“They said there was nothing wrong with my apartment,” Vera said. 

On Monday morning 8 News Now went to the corporate office for AMG, but we were told no one was available to speak with us. 

“You want a property and be management and you want to have a complex … and you can’t run them. Nor do you care for the families in this complex.” Vera said. 

While 8 News Now was at the office, we were told the owner of AMG would speak with us on Tuesday. 

In Nevada, landlords have up to 14 days to safely fix and resolve a mold issue.