Rescued puppies with parvovirus suspected to have come from backyard breeder

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Authorities continue to look into the investigation into a possible backyard breeding situation in the east valley. On Friday, numerous animal care groups stepped up to watch over more than three-dozen puppies seized from a home during a hoarding investigation.

All 39 dogs made it through the night. But some of them were even infected with the parvovirus.

Below new video was released of some of the puppies preparing to go to a shelter.

The final five puppies leaving the Animal Foundation on Tuesday were rescued from a suspected backyard breeder. Warm Hearts Animal Hospital is treating and monitoring the five pups.

Home For Spot is taking care of 11 other dogs.

Metro Police stumbled upon the dogs while looking into a keeping the peace call. Now authorities believe backyard breeding is how the dogs came to be, which poses a public health risk for the pups living there.

“If they’re in crowded conditions, not well-ventillated, and there’s other infections going on, they’re going to be more susceptible to parvo,” said Dr. Debbie White, Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.

White has not treated any of the animals, but she sees parvo cases almost daily, so she’s qualified to speak about the issue. Treatment can run into the thousands of dollars for a virus that’s preventable with proper vaccinations.

“We treat parvo by putting them on I.V. fluids, antibiotics, supportive medications to control vomiting, and it’s very important to control secondary infection with bacteria,” Dr. White said.

Clark County Animal Control can’t comment on the specifics of the investigation because it is ongoing, but they did say they receive several calls, every day, related to backyard breeding. Backyard breeding is a misdemeanor offense, but jail time is possible.

Veterinarians stress this is a reason why it’s so important to have your animals vaccinated. Puppies should be vaccinated against parvovirus between the ages of 6-16 weeks.

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