LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It was a weekend of determination for a local dog rescue group. 

On Friday evening, there was a social media post about a German Shepherd dog running along mile marker 10 near Lake Mead Boulevard on the way to Lake Mead. 

Afraid the dog might get hit by a car, several volunteers from the Doggy Task Force wasted no time heading out to the area. 

They used drones to look for the dog, but it was dark, and the images were considered useless.

The team met up the following day and only had a picture from Facebook to figure out where the German Shepherd might be. They also asked people nearby if they had seen the German Shepherd. 

With limited information, the volunteers walked the area for hours until they came across what looked like dog feces. That is when they say they knew they were close. 

They spotted the German Shepherd hiding deep in a cave by the mountains a few steps later. 

By then, the sun was setting, and it was getting more difficult to see in the desert area. 

Volunteer Jesse Lujan told they used an ATV to get closer and corner the dog using a rolled metal fence to keep the dog from running past them. 

Volunteers lured the dog with some rotisserie chicken. Slowly the German Shepherd warmed up to them. They were then able to put a lead rope on the dog and lure her out. 

The German Shepherd looks to have recently had puppies and is now being cared for by a foster.