LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman who was being removed from The Cosmopolitan last month after causing a disturbance tried to kick a Las Vegas police officer and security guard in the testicles, according to her arrest report.

Gabrielle Egan put up a fight with police and security on July 24 as they were called to kick her off the Las Vegas Strip property where she was yelling at patrons.

After security told Egan she was trespassing and asked her to leave, she reportedly told him to “F*** off and asked ‘Why do I have to leave you f****** b****?'” the report stated.

As the security guard attempted to take Egan into custody, “she tried to kick [him] in the testicles.” The guard was able to deflect the kick with his leg, according to the report.

A police officer, who was called to assist, was switching out handcuffs when Egan tried to kick him in the testicles, but missed and kicked the officer’s right knee cap, the report stated. The officer said he felt pain for “roughly an hour” following the incident.

“Gabrielle tried several times to break our grip and run away from us,” officers said.

During a search at the officer’s patrol car, Egan “head butted” the other officer in the nose with the back of her head, the report detailed. That officer gave a statement saying she did not have any signs of injury, but that it was “tender to the touch.”

The officer in the report noted that Egan said she was going to “F*** [them] up” and said “watch what would happen if [they] were not in uniform and on the street.” Egan also threatened to stab the officer, according to the report.

Egan reportedly continued to make threats and scream at officers at the Clark County Detention Center.

She was booked and charged with two counts of battery by a prisoner on a first responder and interference with a public officer by threat.

Egan is a cohost on the “Girl S***” podcast which previously featured Jenelle Evans, a reality television personality known for her role on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2.”