Report: Woman accused of shooting at officers, civilians multiple times leading to vehicle pursuit faces 9 felony charges

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Shanita Hearns, the woman who led Henderson Police and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers on a vehicle pursuit throughout the valley and shot at them several times is facing nine felony charges, according to the arrest report released by Metro Police.

Hearns, the 33-34 year-old suspect and Las Vegas resident, attempted to run over at least one NHP trooper and shot at multiple Henderson Police officers during an array of incidences on Sunday, May 31.

A series of events Sunday morning, around 5 a.m., led to the multiple officer involved shootings.

According to the report, Hearns first shot at a couples’ Jeep Wrangler as they were driving southbound on U.S. 95. The couple pulled into the Short Line Express gas station located near Horizon Drive and Horizon Ridge Parkway in Henderson.

Hearns, who was driving a gray Ford Mustang, yelled at the gas station clerk while holding a gun in her hand on the steering wheel, “Where are they?” Then, she pulled off, headed across the street and into the parking lot of the AM/PM mini mart.

She pulled up next to a Penske rental truck and shouted at the driver “I am going to shoot you,” while pointing a gun at him, the report stated.

She went into the mini mart and proceeded to get into an altercation with another customer. She pointed her gun at the customer and then left. Hearns proceeded to get into a red Chevy truck that was parked at a gas pump with the keys in it. This was the customer’s car that she previously had an altercation with.

After multiple attempts of banging on the window and trying to stop her from taking his truck, Hearns got out and struck him multiple times on the head with a golf club.

She then went to retrieve a gun from her Mustang, returned to the red truck and drove off. The owner of the Chevy truck approached the Mustang. Hearn drove back into the parking lot and struck him and her Mustang.

The owner of the truck suffered a shattered pelvis, according to the report. Surveillance cameras from the mini mart captured some of the events.

Hearns proceeded to drive around the parking lot and fired one gunshot while driving in the truck.

Henderson Police officers got to the scene and began following Hearns as she drove at a high rate of speed “in circles” around the parking lot.

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She then stopped the car, rolled down her window and pointed a gun at one of the officers in front of her. That’s when another Henderson officer, who was behind her, fired his gun at Hearns. He fired another round before she took off and “left the area at a high rate of speed,” the report stated.

Hearns headed west on I-215 toward Eastern Avenue. The Nevada Highway Patrol, who had been contacted by Henderson Police to assist, had laid down stop sticks to halt the vehicle she was driving. She avoided them and continued west on the I-215.

As Hearns approached another area with stop sticks on the I-215 westbound, the NHP trooper stationed there said she was “able to maneuver around the sticks and drove her vehicle toward him,” according to the report.

She continued on and as she approached I-215 at Windmill, another NHP trooper was preparing to deploy a third set of stop sticks to end the vehicle pursuit. The trooper moved to throw the sticks, but then saw Hearns “look at him and the vehicle turned toward his direction,” the report stated.

He then ran toward the jersey wall of the interstate to avoid being hit. Hearns drove the vehicle straight toward him and missed him as he fell to the ground. The trooper says she fired rounds at him and he returned fire before she then drove away.

A Henderson police officer observed the incident and said he believed “Hearns attempted to kill [the trooper],” according to the report. A citizen’s car camera caught the moment Hearns was trying to run over the trooper as he dove for cover.

She then headed north on the I-215, went under the airport tunnel and then drove the wrong way in a one-way south travel lane, the report stated.

Henderson police officers reported seeing other cars swerve to avoid being struck by Hearns as she drove the wrong way.

Henderson Police and NHP continued following Hearns as she drove recklessly and eventually arrived in the area of Tropicana Avenue and Decatur Boulevard.

Before arriving to a stop, Hearns was shot at by officers on multiple occasions while she was traveling on Tropicana Avenue. At one point, an NHP trooper struck her vehicle with his patrol car.

She eventually stopped her vehicle in the middle of Tropicana, according to the report.

Hearns exited the Chevy red truck she stole from the AM/PM mini mart in Henderson and was taken into custody by police.

At some point during the vehicle pursuit, Hearns received a gunshot wound on her left hand. She was transported to UMC and received surgery.

According to the report, Hearns did not want to speak to detectives at UMC and later “stated her cousin injured her left hand.”

Police obtained a search warrant for the “vehicle that Hearns drove” and found a black Ruger SR9C handgun with an extended magazine. It was loaded with ammunition, police say. Another magazine, containing 10 rounds of ammunition, was also located in the car. It was not made clear in Metro’s arrest report if the firearms were found in the Mustang or Chevy truck.

Hearns is facing 9 felony counts including assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, battery and attempted murder.

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