Report: Sexual assault suspect lured victims to apartment promising assistance

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In an arrest report obtained by 8 News Now, alleged sexual assault suspect Habib Hogue lured victims back to his apartment with the promise of giving them items they needed. Hogue faces several charges for sexual assault, kidnapping in the first degree and battery to commit sexual assault.

Hogue’s first victim was reportedly assaulted on Dec. 17, 2019. According to the arrest report, in the days following the alleged assault, police were unable to contact the victim. They then found out she had been detained at the Clark County Detention Center after being arrested on a traffic warrant from White Pine County.

The victim spoke with detectives while she was detained and told them she feared for her life after the attack and wanted to proceed with the investigation.

The report says the victim asked Hogue if he could spare $3 for a bus ticket when they met at Vons on East Twain. Hogue introduced himself as ‘Six’ and told her he did, but that she would need to come back to his apartment to get it.

When they entered his apartment, Hogue offered the victim tamales and had small talk while they ate, the report says. The victim told police Hogue said she could live with him if she didn’t have a place to stay. Hogue then began making sexual advances toward her, and she refused them before getting up to leave the apartment.

According to the report, that was when Hogue grabbed the victim by the throat, pinned her to the door and choked her into uncosciousness. When the victim woke, she said Hogue was “doing that weird serial killer rock, you see in movies” while rubbing her head. Hogue reportedly told her he was ‘tired of people leaving him.’

The victim went into Hogue’s bedroom with him out of fear, and after she asked him if she could contact her kids if he was going to kill her, he said, “I’m not going to kill you, at least not right now.” She asked if she’d be able to catch her bus the next day to visit her children in Utah, and Hogue reportedly told her that wasn’t going to happen.

Hogue told her to be quiet while she cried during the encounter. The report says the victim was forced to engage in oral and vaginal sex with Hogue.

After the incident, the victim told police she asked Hogue to take her to get a pack of cigarettes. The suspect reportedly asked her to leave all of her items at his apartment so that she would have to return. Hogue took her to three separate stores attempting to locate the cigarette brand she asked for. During their stop at a 7-Eleven, the victim was able to stall long enough and make contact with Metro detectives who entered the establishment. Hogue fled from the store.

The victim told police she didn’t run while they were out at the stores because she did not know the area or where to go.

The second assault occurred on Dec. 25, 2019. A second victim asked Hogue for a cigarette when he approached her at a 7-Eleven located near Twain and Paradise. The suspect said he had cigarettes but that they would need to go back to his apartment to get them.

According to the report, the Habib told the victim he would pay her $60 for sex, and she thought he was joking. When they reached his apartment, the suspect told police Hogue was taking a suspiciously long amount of time to get the cigarettes, so she tried to leave. Hogue then reportedly grabbed her by the neck and held her against her will.

Hogue put the victim in a dog collar leash and tied her hands. The report says he then forcibly engaged in oral and vaginal intercourse with the victim.

The victim escaped after she told Hogue she was going to smoke a cigarette. Police say she ran out of the apartment naked where she encountered two strangers who helped her. She reportedly told the witnesses she had been raped ‘by a guy upstairs.’

According to the witnesses, they were returning from 7-Eleven when they saw the victim running naked. They told police she claimed she’d been raped. They gave her clothes and a blanket, helped her call 911 and waited for the police to show.

Neither victim submitted for sexual assault kits.

The first victim identified Hogue as her attacker in a Metro photo lineup of individuals who looked similar. The report says her identification was 100 percent positive Habib Hogue victimized her.

Hogue was identified in the second assault after matching the physical descriptors from the first incident. He was also identified as the registered tenant of the apartment in the second assault with the assistance of the complex’s security officer.

Hogue was arrested on Jan. 22 and interviewed by police. They discovered he had an extensive criminal history that stretched from Nevada to South Carolina, North Carolina and Washington D.C. Charges included criminal sexual conduct, robbery with a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering and possession of firearm by a felon, among several others.

The report says he told police he received a letter on his door from apartment management Christmas day that there was a naked woman outside of his apartment. He told them he had no part in it. Hogue reportedly denied sexually assaulting the victim.

Hogue told police he had a criminal history. When confronted with several lies he told regarding his charges, he said he’d forgotten some and or had never been charged with others. The sexual misconduct charge stemmed from an allegation involving his estranged wife’s best friends’ child under the age of 14.

When police asked him about the incident on Dec. 17, he stated he would never choke a woman to the point of unconsciousness, saying, ‘no, never … I was raised by all females and would never do something like that.’

According to the report, he told police the victim offered to give him ‘head’ but he kicked her out after she hurt him during it. He said she took her belongings and left.

Police said Hogue continuously changed his answers after they confronted him with the truth.

He told detectives he had been trying to evade the woman as she followed him to three separate stores. The report said he also changed his answer to choking the woman, saying he ‘may’ have gone overboard during their encounter and that believes his stature is ‘intimidating.’

According to the report, he eventually corroborated the victim’s story.

Police conducted a search of Hogue’s apartment and discovered the dog collar leash, a lavender/lilac colored vibrator and five casino vouchers that belonged to the first victim.

Hogue was booked into the CCDC on four counts of sexual assault, two counts of kidnapping and two counts of battery to commit sexual assault.

Investigators believe there may be additional victims so anyone with information about this case, or anyone who believes they may have been a victim of Hogue, is urged to contact the LVMPD Sexual Assault Section at 702-828-3421.

To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 702-385-5555, or on the internet at

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