Report: Police interviews, surveillance footage reveal what led up to Las Vegas Strip shooting

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Police interviews and surveillance footage revealed what led up to a shooting in front of Paris Las Vegas on Sept. 19 that left one man with multiple wounds. The suspects were earlier identified as Derrion Cox, 19, Jalondon Parker, 24, and Anthony Wade, 23.

On the night of the incident, officers initially responded to reports of subjects being shot in front of Paris. According to Wade’s arrest report, witnesses reportedly heard 5-6 shots and saw a Black male walking south on Las Vegas Boulevard covered in blood and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Police identify the main victim as Rayvon Steward. He was transported to UMC Trauma, where he was interviewed. He painted a very different picture than that of the suspects.

The report says Steward told officers he was walking with his uncle and carrying a boom box stereo when a group of three bumped into him. He recounted that he ignored them and kept walking.

The victim’s uncle reportedly bumped into the group and stopped to confront them. A verbal argument ensued and escalated to a physical altercation. Steward’s uncle shouted, “Aye, they have a gun,” the report says. A gun was brandished and then the victim heard shots. He says he felt stinging all over his body, and when they discovered he was hit, Steward’s uncle carried him to the corner or HEXX Kitchen + Bar.

A UMC doctor reported Steward sustained the following injuries:

  • Fracture in left forearm
  • Gunshot wound to right buttock
  • Gunshot wound to right shoulder
  • Gunshot wound to left upper bicep
  • Gunshot wound to left and right outer thigh
  • Gunshot wound to right bicep

Police later made contact with additional victims who were innocent bystanders.

The first of these victims was transported to UMC. The report notes she was walking to Planet Hollywood on southbound Las Vegas Boulevard when she saw Steward carrying his boom box. The woman told police he put the player down and bumped into the suspects. She says the group stopped and asked “What the f@$k man,” to which Steward replied, “What are you trying to do?” The woman recounted Steward punched one of the group members. She heard one of the three say “Oh my God,” then there were gunshots.

The woman’s boyfriend, who was not part of the altercation, saw the group get into a verbal argument. While he continued to walk, he heard gunshots and ran away.

The second victim suffered the following injuries:

  • Abrasion on left and right breast
  • Abrasion to right flank
  • Abrasion to left middle finger
  • Strain to left big toe

The third victim was cut when shrapnel went into her left arm. She was not transported to the hospital, and police say she pulled it out herself.

Police later stopped the suspects after they exited Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’s because they matched descriptions from dispatch. Parker and Wade were taken into custody.

Wade consented to a search, and officers retried a Glock 22 stuffed in his underwear. The report says ammunition police later examined in the firearm matched nine spent bronze cartridge casings found at the scene.

Additional evidence collected included a blood soaked white T-shirt found in front of HEXX and a trail of blood leading back to Paris.

Officers performed a show-up identification with the second victim who sustained injuries. Each suspect was put in front of her at a distance at separate times. She was not able to positively identify the men as suspects, and police say this may be due to several factors, including her not having any interaction with them.

Police then questioned Parker, who told them his friend was in an altercation, he heard shots and ran. He denied knowledge of the shooting or anyone possessing a firearm, according to the report. However, he eventually said he shot in self defense after an officer asked what would happen if his hand was tested for gun residue.

When authorities interviewed Wade, he recounted there was an altercation when someone punched his friend. He admitted Parker had a firearm and was the one who fire. Wade told police Parker and started carrying the gun when a similar situation previously happened at the Fremont Street Experience.

Cox later requested an attorney and an interview was not completed, according to the report.

During their investigation, officers reviewed surveillance footage from Paris Las Vegas and Bally’s Las Vegas.

Surveillance from Paris showed Steward bumped into the group, exchanged words, then punched Cox in the face. Parker circled Cox and Wade and pulled a firearm from his waistband. He pointed it at Steward and fired multiple rounds, striking the victim. The shooter then fled northbound on Las Vegas Boulevard through Bally’s alley.

Surveillance from Bally’s showed the group walking through the alley and then the hotel before exiting on the north side. Officers then placed them in custody.

The suspects face the following charges:

  • Battery with a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm (three counts)
  • Conspiracy to commit battery with a deadly weapon (three counts)
  • Carry concealed weapon without permit
  • Discharging gun/weapon where person might be endangered (nine counts)

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