LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Palo Verde high school teacher facing sex charges was caught in his classroom on the last day of school with a partially nude student by another teacher, according to his arrest report.

Michael Loyd, 34, who had been teaching with Clark County School District since Jan. 2016 is facing charges of sexual misconduct, open and gross lewdness, and possession of a drug without a prescription.

The arrest report said a teacher who was leaving campus saw a light on in Loyd’s classroom so she “opened the door and said goodbye but stopped mid-sentence when she saw a female student sitting or leaning on a desk with Loyd standing in front of the student very close and in an intimate space.”

According to the report, the teacher said the student was naked from the waist down. The teacher said she headed straight to the principal’s office and told Loyd, “you know, I have to report this.” The teacher said Loyd followed her into the principal’s office while she explained what she witnessed. She also said she had seen the girl in Loyd’s office several other times.

When Clark County School District Police interviewed the student, she said she was sitting on Loyd’s desk and “he looked her up and down” and there was sexual touching, the report said.

Loyd denied having a sexual relationship with the student. The report said, at times, Loyd gave “multiple, almost incoherent, rambling responses” to questions.

When police checked Loyd’s backpack, the report said they found a full unopened bottle of rum, a pill bottle with five pills, later determined to be amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, and a water bottle filled with clear alcohol.

The report said Loyd did admit to drinking vodka while at work and on campus.

CCSD has assigned Loyd to home per the negotiated agreement with the bargaining unit.