Report: Mom of toddler watched as boyfriend allegedly poured hot water on child

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According to an arrest report released Monday, Joshua Oxford, the man accused in the homicidal death of his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son, poured hot water on the child before he died.

Cassie Smith, 20, and her 40-year-old boyfriend were arrested last Monday for their connection in the death of 3-year-old Daniel Theriot.

The arrest report said Smith told officers Oxford lost it on her son before his death.  Smith described her 3-year-old son to police as having a bad attitude, and as being disrespectful toward her and Oxford lately, so Oxford spanked him over and over again.

However, according to what Smith told Metro Police, Daniel still wouldn’t listen, so Oxford turned to water to punish the child.

The report said Oxford poured water on the 3-year-old, but he still wouldn’t listen, so Oxford heated up the water on the stove before once again pouring it on the child.

The child cried out “ow,” and asked for his mother, who was watching everything as it happened, the report said.

The report also details that Oxford’s mother, Kathy Evans, babysat the children as Oxford and Smith ran errands. After the incident with Oxford, Evans let Daniel lay down and go to sleep. Daniel was sleeping when Smith and Oxford returned home, the arrest report said.

The next morning, Smith told officers she found her son dead on the floor.

Smith told officers, she had plans to call the police, but Oxford told her that if she did that they both would go to jail. So she did not call the authorities.

Oxford allegedly placed the 3-year-old child’s body in a plastic bin before he and Smith got into their vehicle and drove it to a remote deserted area out near Sunrise Mountain.  Smith’s 2-year-old son was also in the car with them.

They dumped little Daniel’s body into an old white box that was sitting out in the desert, the report said.

Smith and Oxford then returned to their apartment where they made up the story about Daniel being lost in the park.

Smith then drove to Sunset Park where she called the police.

After a day of searching the park, Metro Police officers dug deeper into Smith’s story and discovered she was lying. The child’s body was found the next day.

The arrest report said, Smith told officers that she has seen Oxford spank her son, smack him across the face or pinch his ears in the past, she’s never seen it escalate the way it did the night of Daniel’s death.

Oxford has not admitted to causing the child’s death, but the report said he did tell police that he had to put Daniel in the corner that day, pull him up by the arm and smack him in the head several times with an open hand because he kept looking at Oxford “with attitude.”

Oxford then went on to tell police that he and Cassie left the home while his mother watched the kids, and when they returned Daniel was sleeping, so they didn’t bother him. The report said Oxford told officers, however, when they woke up the next morning he thought he heard the child moving around, but later that morning they discovered he was dead.

The Clark County Coroner has yet to release how Daniel died. Police did, however, say that they found that Daniel’s little brother, 2-year-old Brandon Smith, also had signs that he too was physically abused.

Oxford was in court Monday for his arraignment on the first-degree murder charge for Daniel’s death. Oxford is scheduled to return to court on the murder charge on Nov. 26.

Cassie Smith is expected back in court for a preliminary hearing on the murder charges Sept. 20.

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