LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Andrew Cote, the man who shot and killed his next-door neighbor and her friend last week, indicated to police that he “was in fear” at the time of the shooting, according to the arrest report released by Metro police Monday.

The deadly shooting happened on Thursday at a home near Decatur Boulevard and Smoke Ranch Road. The tragedy was sparked by several years of long-standing tension between the neighbors, according to the family of 71-year-old Mildred Olivo, one of the victims.

Family members say Olivo invited her friend, identified as Timothy Hanson, to come over to her house and protect her from Cote.

Olivo and Cote had a verbal exchange earlier in the day, which led to Olivo spraying Cote and his daughter with a hose, the arrest report states.

Cote said he called police, but “nothing happened to Olivo” as a result of his report. He told officers that Hanson arrived at Olivo’s house that night and then began yelling at Cote from Olivo’s backyard.

Cote told police his daughter was in their backyard at the same time Hanson was yelling across the brick wall that separated the two houses.

According to police, Cote then went out his backdoor, armed with a shotgun, and shot both Hanson and Olivo in the head. Cote told police he “noticed Hanson was still moving and shot him in the head a second time.”

Cote then took his daughter inside their home and called police, the report states.

Once he was arrested and taken to LVMPD’s headquarters, police interviewed the 36-year-old suspect.

During the interview, police asked Cote if the victims had any weapons. He responded by saying he could not see Olivo or Hanson’s hands due to the block wall. The arrest report states no weapons were found “on or near the bodies” of the victims.

Picture of Mildred Olivo, one of the victims killed in the shooting on Thursday, June 25.

According to the report, when asked by police if he considered taking his daughter inside and calling police before shooting them, “he responded by saying words to the effect of not tonight.”

Cote told police he’s had a restraining order against Olivo since April, 2020.

When authorities searched Cote’s house, they found a shotgun located on top of kitchen cabinets and three shells in the backyard. Video from his home confirmed Olivo and Hanson were yelling at Cote from their backyard. The report states that the video also showed Cote shoot the two victims.

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According to the arrest report, Cote lived with his wife and three children in the home.

Cote is facing two counts of open murder with a deadly weapon. He was denied bail Friday and will be back in court on Tuesday, June 30.