Report: Man impersonated officer, attempted to pull vehicles over while intoxicated

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro Police arrested William Diaz of Las Vegas for allegedly impersonating an officer while intoxicated the night of March 29. 

According to an arrest report obtained by 8 News Now, Diaz was attempting to stop cars and had lights and a siren on his vehicle. Police say the suspect he was using his Nevada driver’s license to identify himself as an officer. 

The report says an officer later found Diaz in his vehicle in the parking lot of an Autozone near Desert Inn and Mojave. 

Police noted a strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage on Diaz’s person when they made contact with him. The suspect also reportedly had bloodshot eyes and an “unsteady gait.” 

The report says Diaz told one of the responding officers he drank that morning but had not consumed  more since then. He complied with field sobriety  tests. 

Police discovered strobe lights in the headlight and tail light lenses of Diaz’s vehicle. According to the report, they also found red strobes in the grille and the back window. Diaz reportedly operated the lights and a horn/siren with a control panel in the center console. 

Diaz complied with a blood test at the Clark County Detention Center. He faces charges related to DUI and impersonating a public officer.  

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