Report: Loss prevention employee bought teen groceries after allegedly sexually assaulting her

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Dominic Miller

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A loss prevention employee tried to intimidate and threaten a teen he allegedly sexually assaulted, an arrest report said. Metro Police said it happened on July 7 in an upstairs room of a local grocery store.

According to police, 26-year-old Dominic Miller caught the teen trying to steal about $20 in groceries from the Albertson located at 5500 Boulder Highway. The alleged assault came to light recently because, on July 16, the teen was picked up by loss prevention at the Kohl’s at the Galleria Mall in Henderson.

During Henderson Police’s investigating into the teen’s alleged theft from Kohl’s she told them that she was sexually assaulted by a loss prevention employee of Albertson’s.

Henderson Police contacted Metro about the incident since it fell in their jurisdiction. Fast forward to the teen’s interview with Metro Police on July 16, when the teen told officers a heavy-set black man in his 30s, who was later identified as Dominic Miller, followed her out the door and told her that he had caught her stealing.

Once everyone was back inside the store, Miller told the teen girl that she had to go upstairs with him to fill out the paperwork for stealing. While upstairs, he asked her had she ever been to jail before. He then told her there was a way to get out of getting in trouble, the report said.

She told detectives Miller told her that he would have people entertain him and do things to prevent him from charging them with stealing. The report said, Miller told the victim to put a shirt over her head and bang it against the wall, but she refused.

He then asked to grab her butt, and she agreed, but when he grabbed it, he pushed her to the ground, dropped his pants, and forced her to perform oral sex, the report said.

When it was over, the girl told detectives that Miller kept telling her that she better not tell anyone or he would put the theft on her record. The report said Miller also took a picture of her school I.D. and threatened to use it against her if she said anything.

Once the two went back downstairs, he paid for her groceries and reminded her again not to say anything, the report said.

When Metro Police questioned Miller about the accusations, he requested a lawyer and refused to talk. Police seized Miller’s two cell phones. Miller was arrested on two counts of sexual assault.

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