LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The father of a child who died inside a car Monday denied his brother and officer’s request to break the windows, according the arrest report released by LVMPD.

Sidney Deal, 27, is being charged with child abuse/neglect with substantial bodily harm, after his 21-month-old daughter’s body, Sayah Deal, was discovered in a Nissan Altima on H Street near West Owens Avenue and North MLK Boulevard on Monday.

According to Metro Police, officers said Deal flagged them down and said his daughter was accidentally locked inside a vehicle Monday afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

When officers offered to call for a tow truck, locksmith or break the car windows, Deal denied the request, and instead used the officer’s phone to call his brother, Samid Deal.

The arrest report states the officers waited “several minutes” for the tow truck to arrive and then broke out the back window of the car to remove Sayah. They noticed she was unresponsive and called for medical personnel. The officers performed CPR, but paramedics pronounced Sayah dead at the scene, according to the report.

In an interview with detectives, Samid recounted the incident and said he drove to his brother’s house immediately after getting the call and questioned Sidney about Sayah. Sidney reportedly told his brother that she was okay and needed him to call their mother to request a tow truck or locksmith from her insurance.

Samid told police he took his shirt off, wrapped it around his knuckle and was ready to punch the window. According to the arrest report, Sidney denied his brother’s request to break the window, where Sayah was, because he had “just bought the car and didn’t have the money to repair a broken window.”

Police stated in the report that Samid respected his brother’s request and did not break the window. After a few minutes went by, Sidney used Samid’s phone to call their mother.

Samid stated that police then received Sidney’s consent to break the car window. Samid described Sayah was unconscious and consoled his brother while police conducted CPR, the report stated.

Police also interviewed Porscha Henderson, Sidney’s long-time girlfriend and mother of two of his children. She told police she is not the biological mother of Sayah, but has watched over her most of her life since Sidney has full custody.

According to her interview with police, her and Sidney got into an argument and she told him and Sayah to leave the apartment. He left with Sayah, but a few minutes later, Sidney returned to the apartment, saying he locked his keys in his car and needed her to call a tow truck.

They spoke through the apartment window and she called a locksmith. Henderson showed police her call records which revealed she called Sidney’s insurance at 3:06 p.m. and was on the phone for 23 minutes. According to the report, Sidney did not agree on the price to pay someone to unlock his car, and told Henderson to hang up the phone.

Police’s interview and statement from Sidney confirmed Henderson’s details and he further described that he placed Sayah in her car seat, but did not buckle her in. He says once he turned on the car and AC, he realized he didn’t have his phone and went back up to the apartment.

According to the report, he argued with Henderson for about 15 minutes before going back to the car and realizing it was locked.

Sidney told police he saw Sayah walking from the back seat to the front seat, but after a few minutes, she stopped moving and he thought she had fallen asleep. He told police he believed Sayah was “fine” because the car’s air conditioner was on.

Photo of Sidney Deal and daughter, Sayah. Courtesy: Sidney Deal’s family

The coroner says Sayah was of good height and weight for her age, but appeared to have “slippage of the skin consistent with being in a high heat environment for an extended period of time,” according to the report.

Sidney Deal is being charged with child abuse/neglect with substantial bodily harm. He was due to appear in court on Tuesday, but refused for medical reasons.

The judge set bail at $20,000 and stated that if bail is posted, Deal could be held on house arrest.

Deal’s next court appearance is scheduled for October 8.