LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Dirty pens covered in feces is how an animal control officer described the scene inside a Las Vegas home where more than 40 dogs, mostly puppies, were surrendered. Some of animals were suffering from canine parvovirus, a highly contagious and potentially deadly infection for dogs.

Metro Police discovered the animals on June 21 while investigating a call on a runaway. The home is located on E. Colorado Avenue near Charleston Avenue and Nellis Boulevard.

The report from Clark County Animal Control said there were animal pens in both living rooms of the home, as well as in the master bedroom and a back room. Dogs were also found in the backyard. All the pens were in “unsanitary” condition. The officers found at least six puppies in need of medical attention.

Sandra Fuentes, who owns the dogs, admitted to officers she had a parvo outbreak. She told officers that she rescues puppies from people who don’t want them and then sells them for profit.

Animal control cited Fuentes $4,500 but reduced the fine to $2,200 since it was her first offense. Forty two of the dogs were removed after Fuentes agreed to surrender them. Fuentes said she agreed to do so because it was best for them and she “never meant to hurt no one.”

The six sick puppies went to a veterinarian for treatment, four of them were euthanized. The rest of the dogs went to the Animal Foundation. Four dogs were allowed to stay with Fuentes with a requirement that she get medical treatment for one dog with an abdominal mass and seek a fancier permit if she wants to keep the four dogs who have not been neutered or spayed.

Below is a list of shelters and groups helping the puppies, and they need the public’s help. If you would like to donate, check out the links to their Facebook pages below.

Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League

A Home For Spot

Vet Pet Rescue Project

Wagging Tails Rescue