The car which a California doctor was found dead in on State Route 147 belongs to the woman who is facing a murder charge in his death.

According to the arrest report for Kelsey Turner, 25, she bought the car in November and never reported it missing. Police also found evidence of a crime and clean-up in Turner’s home.

The body of  71-year-old Thomas Kirk Burchard was found in the trunk of the car March 7. He had been reported missing by his longtime girlfriend in California when he didn’t return home on March 4. She told police that he had gone to visit Turner and she became concerned when she started receiving text messages that didn’t sound like Burchard. She believed Turner and her boyfriend may have killed him, the report said.

Police attempted to contact Turner at her home several times, but no one answered the door. The report said police obtained a search warrant and entered the home and found blood in the house, cleaning supplies, and a set of towels which matched one found in the trunk with Burchard’s body. Police said it appeared Turner was preparing to move out of the home even though her lease wasn’t up unti June. 

The coroner determined Burchard died from blunt force trauma to his head, saying he had been struck multiple times with an unidentified object.

Police believe Burchard was killed sometime between March 3 to March 6, the report said.

Turner is facing a charge of murder with a deadly weapon.