Report: Bus beating suspect punched 64-year-old for touching his feet

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The last words the 64-year-old victim of a beating on an RTC bus heard were “If you touch my feet again, I’ll kick your ass,” according to the Declaration of Warrant issued for Nathaniel Graves.

According to the warrant, the victim, who lost his eye and was knocked unconscious as a result of the beating, told police he was looking for a seat on the crowded bus and asked the suspect, identified as Graves, to remove his feet from a seat so he could sit down.

Initially, the man complied but then he put his feet back on the chair touching the victim’s leg. The victim asked him again to remove his feet and when he didn’t, he told police he brushed the man’s feet away.

According to the warrant, Graves said, “If you touch my feet again, I’ll kick your ass.” The victim then brushed Graves’ feet off one more time, and the punching began, the warrant said.

The bus driver told police once the beating happened, several passengers yelled for him to stop the bus. It was at that point the bus doors were opened and the suspect fled.

Police identified Graves as a suspect when a former co-worker of his contacted them after surveillance video of the incident was publicly released. The tipster said he recognized Graves’ hair, face and the blue hooded sweatshirt which he often wore. That was one of several tips police received prior to Graves’ arrest.

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