Report: Anonymous letter alerts police to volunteer coach’s alleged sexual relationship with student

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Jousha Youngblood arrested

LAS VEGA (KLAS) — An anonymous letter sent to Clark County School District Police revealed that a volunteer coach at Shadow Ridge High School was allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student, an arrest report said. On Oct. 14, Joshua Youngblood, 27, was arrested on one count of kidnapping and one count of sexual misconduct with a student.

The investigation into the claims was initiated at Shadow Ridge High School in October 2019. According to CCSD Police, the alleged inappropriate relationship was with a teen girl who was the basketball manager of one of the school’s teams. The arrest report said the girl told other students that she was in a sexual relationship with Coach Youngblood.

When officers asked the teen about the claims, she denied it. She said she also only talked to the coach through text about things about the team. Eventually, she did confess and told officers that did have sex with Youngblood last school year.

After police looked through the girl’s phone and found that she was also in contact with the coach via Snapchat, they found messages between the two dated Feb. 11, Aug. 1, and Aug. 23.

The Aug. 23 message featured a photo of Youngblood from the waist down, the report said. His private part was sticking out of his shorts.

When officers talked to the girl’s father to serve a search warrant for her phone records, he told officers that she had a history of having relationships with adult authorities and that this had happened once before at a previous school. The child’s dad also told police that he believes she is trying to recreate that relationship with the coach because she thinks that is what a “good relationship is.”

After all of the data was collected, police discovered that Youngblood and the student had a total of 922 text messages between each other. The texting began on Feb. 4, 2019. On Feb. 6, Youngblood picked up the teen, and they had sex, the report said.

Youngblood was arrested and questioned about his alleged relationship with the teen, but he refused to answer and asked for an attorney. Youngblood was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

Youngblood, who had been a volunteer coach since May 2018, was terminated as a volunteer coach as of Oct. 14.

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