Report: Accidental killing of 11-year-old was retaliation for nightclub shooting

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An arrest report for two of the four suspects accused in the shooting death of a North Las Vegas 11-year-old girl was released Tuesday evening.

According to the report, the suspects recently arrested for causing Angelina Erives death are a part of a gang called Mula.

Angelina was shot while she was in her home in the 6700 block of Courtney Michelle Street near E. Deer Springs Way and N. Lawrence Street. The entire family was seated at the dining room table, which is near the window where the bullet entered killing Erives, the report said. 

The report said the first suspect arrested — Erin Hines — told officers he was in the area with “Dooda,” “Kease,” “Bobby,” and Guy so that they could settle a beef from another shooting at a nightclub.

Hines told police he knew Dooda, Kease, and Bobby were going to shoot at the house, but he didn’t want to shoot anyone so he asked Guy to switch places with him so that he could drive instead.  Hines was paid $20 in gas money.

The report said they were looking for a guy from the Spazzout gang who lived in the neighborhood.  One of them said he was using his GPS for directions on where to go; where he believed a member of Spazzout gang lived.

The guys got out of the car and shot several rounds at the house that turned out to be the wrong home. The home wasn’t where a Spazzout gang member lived; it was where little Angelina and her family resided.  

A neighbor who heard the shots returned gunfire at them as they ran back to their car and drove away.

Hines told police after realizing 19-year-old Guy was shot, Dooda, Kease, and Bobby told him to pull over, and that’s when they got out of the car and ran.

According to Hines, he drove to Commerce and Campo and asked a stranger to call 9-1-1. Guy, later identified as Guy Banks III died at the hospital.

Medical personnel arrived and transported the person who was shot to the hospital. Hines was arrested for murder and booked in the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center.

Metro Police investigated and figured out the real names of the other suspects. One is still outstanding. Guy Banks III was killed by the neighbor, and Damion Dill and Jarquan Tiffith were arrested on Nov. 8.

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