LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The high cost of rent in the Las Vegas valley continues to impact thousands of residents, causing many to seek short-term rentals for relief.

Ruby Taylor told 8 News Now that weekly rentals tend to be attractive for their lower cost of living, but now the cost has gone up, yet the quality of her unit, she said, is simply embarrassing.

“I don’t have safety and there is always fear,” said Taylor.

Taylor has been living at a complex near Tropicana Avenue and Valley View Boulevard for over three years, but the conditions have become worse over time.

“There is a big homeless population, people’s cars are getting broken into, a lot of the units have roaches, that’s what goes on here,” she said. “You are battling with the roaches on the inside.”

Taylor, 60, said the high cost of rent across the valley is keeping her from moving. Her rent is $1,455 and without a lease, she said, that would add an extra $200.

“I make $12 an hour. I can barely afford these,” she said. “I never know what month I’m able to stay.”

Organizations like Help of Southern Nevada are one of many resources in Las Vegas, offering a variety of services and programs to residents in need. Taylor said any help is welcome as the cost of everything keeps going up.

For more information on Help of Southern Nevada, please visit this link.