LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Symphony Park is all new, and according to a report from, one of the highest-priced rental areas in Las Vegas.

8 News Now also went to the area that is the most affordable. People there tell us rent recently went up, too.

“It is kind of nice to be downtown in the middle of it,” said downtown resident Todd Henderson. After living in Las Vegas for more than a decade, Henderson recently moved Symphony Park.

“It is expensive to live here,” Henderson said on Tuesday.

He said he pays around $3,000 for a two-bedroom, but with amenities and location it is the lifestyle he wanted. “After the pandemic, we realized … why not,” he said.

It is a lot, but Henderson said it’s worth it.

This all-new area of downtown was listed as one of the most expensive areas in the valley when it comes to rent in a new report.

It says a one-bedroom costs around $1,800 and shows 67% of rentals in the valley are costing more than $2,000 a month now.

“The rent has gone up sky high,” said Huntridge area resident Reba Rivera.

Rent is on the rise everywhere. The report shows prices in our area are up 28% from a year ago. lists Orleans Square and Huntridge areas near Charleston and Maryland Parkway as the most affordable, costing around $800 for a studio or one bedroom.

Rivera said back in 2009 she paid $500 a month in the same area.

A recent increase bumped her from $750 to $850.

“I am getting works comp, social security and pension,” Rivera said. “It is not enough.”

Marco Schala says he got that increase, too. With rent now at $850, he said he looked to move.

“I tried, but this is the cheapest one right now,” Schala said of the Huntridge area. “Everybody else is over $1,000 rent, so for me right now it is a little higher, but I can still afford it.

He says food and gas cost more, too, and he is now having to work more.

“It hurt a little bit,” he said. “Just have to work harder because I don’t want to be on the streets.”

So what is the solution? We need more rentals.

According to the Nevada Apartment Association, right now there are about 9,400 available apartment units for rent when 11,000 available apartment units at a time is considered normal.

Here’s a look at some of the rent prices we are seeing across the valley.

Toward the lower end is west Las Vegas — the average for a one-bedroom is about $800 a month there.

In the middle range is Centennial Hills. Renters there are paying around $1,400 a month.

One of the more expensive rates we’re seeing right now is over in Summerlin, where a one-bedroom is going for about $1,800 a month.

The majority of people in Las Vegas are paying more than $2,000 a month for an apartment — about 67% of them.