LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More resources will soon roll out to help improve housing stability across Clark County, including the Eviction Diversion Initiative and it could help many people currently struggling.

For one Las Vegas family who spoke to 8 News Now, this program means hope.

Alice and Manuel Ramirez have lived in Southern Nevada for more than 15 years and said that paying rent is becoming a challenge.

“It is stressful, right now I’m depressed and I get stomach aches,” Alice said. “We were paying $875, now we went up to $1100. I just found out in December they are going to increase it.”

They were among the public inside the state building in downtown Las Vegas, seeking information about the additional resources from the Eviction Diversion Initiative thanks to a $1.25 million dollar grant from the National Center of State Courts.

The funds will help create a program to identify solutions and connect people with resources, services, and housing assistance. Melissa Saragosa the chief judge on the panel said tenants who received an eviction notice should file an opposition by way of an affidavit.

“They will get an order from the court ordering them to appear to the eviction diversion program and specialists will be there, legal aid will be there and individuals will be there to identify what their needs are,” Saragosa added.

According to Help of Southern Nevada, an estimated 5,000 individuals are unhoused every day.
Current rental resources are not enough which is forcing the Ramirez family to seek help, according to the agency.

“I know there are others that need more help than us but we could use the help. I’m glad we came here,” Manuel said.

The Eviction Diversion Initiative launches on November 1st.

Nevada 211 can help guide those in need of assistance along the proper path because every case is different.