LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is no doubt college can be expensive with books, transportation, food, and living expenses.

8 News Now took a closer look at how students make their monthly payments while trying to graduate.

Su Andersons is a student at UNLV wrapping up her fourth year of school and said both her education and housing expenses have been costly.

“It would be amazing to be on campus, it would make studying so much easier. We are talking about making education accessible,” she said. “For example across the street, it’s $1500. They also have sewage problems and gunshots, it’s not safe.”

According to UNLV’s website, to live on-campus as a first-year college freshman in the residence halls costs between $2900 to $3300 per semester.

Meanwhile, an upper-class man living will cost $924 dollars for a two-bedroom and $749 for a four-bedroom.

School leaders said those rates haven’t changed in several years, which were approved by the board of regents.

Lindsay Perea is a Las Vegas native and said going to school full-time and having a part-time job was still not enough to pay for her housing, she said her parents had to step in.

“Being on campus is cheaper than anywhere in the valley. Right now I live with three roommates and I pay almost $900,” she said.”Its terrible and stressful.”

UNLV’s support team is available to help students with housing, transportation, childcare, and even food insecurities.

Nour Benjelloun is a student who told 8 News Now he found a solution to his problem.

“I work as a residential assistant on campus so I work with all the students in the hall,” he said. “They cover the room and board and the meal plan and they pay you.”

Students also told 8 News Now, that college is a sacrifice that will pay off in the end.
In the meantime, the struggle to get by, Anderson said, is rough.

The College of Southern Nevada is a non-residential campus but said it offers student aid through the student emergency fund. The assistance can be up to $500 on a 12-month basis.

Other students who spoke with 8 News Now added that scholarships were a great resource.