Remarkable Women: Marney Domeraski helps family through devastating loss

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many people who lead a life a humble service don’t consider themselves remarkable but this woman certainly is. She is always looking for someone who needs help.

“When I first saw this on the news, I instantly thought of one woman — Marney Domeraski. She encompasses all the qualities it takes to be a remarkable woman,” said Shelly Peck, who nominated her mother.

Peck wrote to 8 News Now about her mom. She not only described what a loving and giving mother and grandmother she is to her own family but how her mother devotes her life to serving others.

“We see a lot of need in the community and that’s what touched my heart the most I think is just seeing people’s needs,” Marney Domeraski said.

She works for a local Christian radio station and has a natural heart for volunteering.  She sensed a need for help when she met a young neighbor named Tiffany who was a mother with seven children and undergoing treatment for cervical cancer.

 “I went down one day and said could I take dinner, bring dinner to you and your famly? Her being sick, you know it would help out,” Demeroski said.

Tiffany initially referred to her as the “lady who brought me dinner” but she would find a new name for Marney as she and husband John became a regular part of the family’s routine. The two were used to making meals and helping people through their church but this call to service would become personal.

“I grew closer and closer to her. She started calling me ‘mama Marney,'” Domeraski said.

With Tiffany’s mother living out of state and her husband working, mama Marney became a constant companion to Tiffany on what she thought was her road to recovery. However, a doctor’s check-up changed everything.

 “The doctor said, ‘it’s back. You’re dying and there’s nothing we can do,'” Domeraski said.

Marney lost her own mother to cancer at a young age and remembered the pain. She and John moved the family next door, took the kids shopping for clothes and school supplies and used the short time they had to preserve precious family memories the kids. 

“She (Tiffany) was a fighter, she loved her kids. She loved being a mother and so she didn’t want to give up. She wanted every opportunity that she had,” Domeraski said.

There were holiday parties with lots of presents and they always made sure Tiffany had something to look forward to.

“We had an early birthday party for her because we didn’t think she’d make it to July so we had it in June. We just had things going on all the time,” Domeraski said.

She even eased Tiffany’s concerns about the future.

“She says, ‘what’s going to happen to my babies?’ And I told her, I don’t know but I will always stay in their life. That I can promise you.”

Tiffany passed away last August, living precious months longer than expected.

“I feel I was entrusted the privilege of taking care of Tiffany during her life. I only knew her three years, but it felt like a lifetime. A good lifetime.”

Giving the gift of selfless love and friendship, that’s why Marney Domeraski is a remarkable woman. She did keep her promise. She and papa John visit the kids often. The children now live with the aunt in Henderson.

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