Remarkable Women: Lowana Finch tackles the army, nursing and single motherhood

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now received numerous nominations for “Remarkable Women in Las Vegas” and four were chosen. One of them is a Henderson woman whose life has been rewarding and remarkable.

“She always achieved her goals finding herself a single mother of three young children,” said Peggy Ranke, who nominated her mother.

The life of Lowana Finch reads like a book with distinct chapters. The young single mom served her country, helped with medical breakthroughs but was always the humble mother.

“She thinks about herself last, always. And at 80 years old, I think it’s time to change that,” Ranke said.

That’s why Ranke nominated her as a remarkable woman, for many reasons. First, as the maternal soul of their family providing a childhood filled with love and leadership.

“I never remember a time we wanted for anything. Even though things were tight, mom worked tirelessly to care for us. She provided three healthy meals a day and we ate as a family every meal,” Ranke said.

That’s something many families take for granted these days. But in this household meal time meant family time and it still does.

“To me, it was very important to get up, give them breakfast, get ready for school, get ready for work. We all left and then they had to come home after school because I didn’t get off work until a little later but it all turned out,” Finch said. 

Besides motherhood, there was the military.

Two decades of service earned her the rank of command sergeant major and non-commissioned officer of the year.

Finch transitioned from military medicine to groundbreaking work at the University of Utah artificial heart research laboratory.

She was a scrub nurse in the operating room where the Jarvik 7 artificial heart was developed and tested. She also worked alongside the medical team who invented the artificial kidney and heart lung machine. But family always came first.

“Sometimes, like everyone else, I think I could have been better.But I think because of my ethics, my integrity and my strictness, that that all played a big part in their lives today,” Finch said.

A woman of faith and strong character. Finch isn’t comfortable with the title remarkable but is proud of what she’s done and welcomes what’s ahead.

“She hasn’t missed a graduation, birthday, holiday, wedding or celebration and still totes across the country to visit her children and grandchildren. Mom is a best friend to many. Love you mom, you are truly remarkable,” Ranke told her mom.

One lucky woman will be chosen the group of four to go to New York and be on the Mel Robbins show.

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