LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are still more than 50,000 ballots to be counted from Tuesday’s midterm election, according to Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria who gave an update on the uncounted ballots Thursday before noon.

He said he is fully staffed and has more than 200 people working on the counting.

“We’ve been here from early in the morning until late at night,” he said.

Gloria said the county received 626 ballots through the mail Thursday morning. He added it’s important people understand the timeline is set by statutes.

“I can’t stop until Saturday for the mail. I can’t stop until Monday for the cure. I can’t count provisionals until next Wednesday at the earliest. There are over 10,000 ballots with those three areas that I’m talking about,” Gloria said.

Monday, Nov. 14 is the deadline for voters to cure their ballots if they’ve been flagged for signature validation. Voters can call (702) 455-6552. The hotline will be open over the weekend during business hours.

Gloria said the provisional ballots can’t be processed until all the information is sent to the state and compiled in a report with all 17 counties to make sure there are no duplicate ballots.

Gloria started his daily briefing by reacting to former President Donald Trump’s social media post stating “Nevada has a corrupt voting system.”

“Obviously, he’s misinformed two years later about the law,” Gloria said.

When asked if the counting process was transparent enough, Gloria said every single step of the process can be viewed and staff is available to answer any questions observers might have.

“We have provided more access as far as what observers can see than is required by the law,” he said.

Gloria added that the county wants to make sure staff is always safe.

“This job is hard enough just in the hours that they work so we are doing everything we can to maintain security for our workers here in Clark County.”

Gloria was asked to respond to why Florida was so much faster at county mail-in ballots.

He said he wasn’t familiar with Florida’s processes but they have had mail-in ballots longer than Nevada. This is only Nevada’s second year.

“I know we have the proper equipment here to process ballots properly in Clark County but the laws are different and there may be more steps we are required to go through to validate the identity of those voters here in Nevada,” Gloria said.

Gloria said the county will hold a news conference every day to update and release the latest results on how the count is going.

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